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10 Tips on Quality Shoe Care



Men's Shoe Restoration from Cobblestone Shoe Repair

Move your mouse over each photo to see how the shoes looked before Cobblestone's Premium Restoration Process

Full Soles and Heels

Worn soles and heels are removed. The old cork filler is removed and replaced with new cork filler to cushion and insulate. The metal shank is replaced if necessary. When we repair the sole, we use only the finest grade leather or rubber sole to give you the greatest value for your money. A quality rubber heel or stylish combination heel is attached to a new solid leather base and is secured to the sole with glue and threaded nails to ensure a proper bond. We then clean and hand polish the shoe for a "like new" look. We also can Recondition and Glaze the shoe for a factory finish lasting 10 times longer than a typical shoe shine. Optional heel and toe plates can be installed to add additional wear.

Half Soles and Heels

Our factory refinish is a complete rejuvenation of the original leather with pure lanolin oils. Color is professionally reapplied (dark colors only) and the final finish is sealed with an original factory topcoat for optimum protection and lasting beauty.

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2016 Cobblestone Quality Shoe Repair

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