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10 Tips on Quality Shoe Care



Ladies Shoe Restoration from Cobblestone Shoe Repair

Move your mouse over each photo to see how the shoes looked before Cobblestone's Premium Restoration Process

Half Soles and Heels

Half soles and heels are recommended on ladies shoes due to the delicate nature of most leather uppers. We beautifully dove-tail the new sole to ensure comfort and fit. The uppers are cleaned of old dirt and polish. Then lanolin oil is applied. Next, a beauty finish is reapplied and sealed with a factory finished topcoat for a new beautiful appearance.

Heels and a Shine

Using a high abrasion rubber heel, Cobblestone can give you a heel lift with better traction while cushioning every step.  An "invisible" scuff protector (can be dyed to match shoe color) can prevent scuffing and scratching on the leather heel covering to provide long-lasting protection.  Finally, a shine can put that "like new" sparkle back in the shoe and also help protect the leather.

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2016 Cobblestone Quality Shoe Repair

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