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Dyeing & Recoloring from Cobblestone Shoe Repair

We have several dyeing processes that can help to rejuvenate and extend the life of your shoes by changing or restoring the color of your shoes, boots, belts, or bags.

Reconditioning Glaze
This treatment works beautifully on all smooth leathers and exotics to bring back the hard glossy finish that  was last applied at the tannery.  Lasting at least ten times as long as a regular shoe shine, this is a great value for the money.

Leather Recondition
Very similar to the Glaze, this process is recommended on oily leathers such as Cole-Haan and some Polo leathers. Leather Recondition adds the necessary oils to rejuvenate the leather and prevent the leather from drying out.

Same Color
Using a computer generated formula, the original color of the leather is matched and applied to the surface of the skin. This coating will cover stains or color loss giving the leather an even natural finish.

Mix to Match
This is a process where we custom blend a color to match a sample (swatch) which is then applied to the item.  The color must be darker than the original color, in most cases as dark as the darkest stain or spot on the item.

Fabric Dyeing
Our professional color blender creates the requested color.  The established color is then applied in a thin alkaline dye that penetrates into the pores of the fabric. Cobblestone also sells Dyeable Shoes.

Chart Dye
The customer can choose from a "pre-mixed" color chart system with more than 100 colors.

Deep Penetrating Dye
This is an aniline based dye that penetrates deep into leather.  It requires several coats, depending on the leather, in order to penetrate deep into the pores and actually change the color of the leather.  Available only in Black, Dk. Brown, Navy, and Cordovan, this process is compatible with all smooth leathers, exotics, and unfinished leather.

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