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10 Tips on Quality Shoe Care



Shoe Care Tips

10 things you can do to keep your shoes looking good and lasting longer.


When putting on your shoes, always use a shoe horn. This protects the heel from unnecessary wear.


Always use cedar shoe trees after wearing. They're designed to absorb moisture and maintain the regular shape of your shoes.


Allow shoes to dry completely, inside and out, by not wearing the same pair of shoes on consecutive days.


Always use leather cleaner to remove common dirt and dust from your shoes before polishing. Then apply a leather conditioner prior to polishing. This extra step is a necessary precaution to protect the natural beauty of the leather.


When needed, apply Tarrago shoe cream that is the same color or slightly lighter than the color of the leather. Tarrago shoe cream is specially formulated to renew color, cover scratches.


After the shoe cream has dried, buff the shoes with a soft brush.


Use Angelus Paste Polish with carnauba wax to polish your shoes regularly. Brush and rub with a soft cloth for a high gloss.


When traveling, use shoe bags or wrap shoes in a soft material. This protects the leather from scratches.


Use rubber overshoes to protect your shoes during foul weather. Wet leather wears more quickly than dry. Waterproof your leather with Urad Teflon repellent spray.


Bring in your footwear to Cobblestone for a tune up or a free shoe care inspection.

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